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Compostable Dog Poop Bags

$12.99 AUD

Say goodbye to plastic forever with these dog poop bags. Made from a plastic alternative called corn starch, they are fully bio degradable and compostable and will disintegrate from landfill in 3 months.         

Strong and thick with a very subtle pleasant smell.

Let’s all do our bit and reduce plastic usage.  

Bag: 23 x 36cm
Each box comes with 3 rolls of 20 bags (60 bags per box)
Recommended shelf life of 18 months

A roll of Oh Crap poop bags will fit into the Wild One poop bag carriers if you remove the first 3 bags from the roll.

Oh Crap dog poop bags are fully certificated to meet the following standards:
Comply ASTM,6400:2012-01, and ISO 17088:2012. Tested by OWS and certified by TUV AUSTRIA as Ok Compost, Home Ok Compost (certification No. S329)
By DIN CERTCO according to EN13432 (7P0467, 7P0477), By BPI according to ASTM D-6400 (CERT # 7719318), Safe for direct food contact (FDA).