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The Odin Treat Dispenser - Grey

$32.95 AUD

‘THE ODIN’ by Up Dog is a modern, stylish and functional toy and treat dispenser. If your dog loves food, then this will keep him or her entertained for hours. Place the treats in the top or bottom flaps and they will gradually dispense as your dog plays with it.
This clever design is modular allowing you to connect multiple together and its rubber-like material keeps hardwood floors and fragile furniture and walls safe from scratching. 

Tips for use:

  • Start with small treats or dry food that fall out easily so your dog is quickly rewarded for playing.
  • Show them how it works by rolling it around and have treats fall out in front of them.
  • As they get better at it, upgrade to larger treats to increase difficulty.
  • Take it away if they start gnawing or ripping at the toy and show them again to just roll the toy.
  • Attach 2 or more toys together to change the way the toy rolls and bounces.

9.1 x 8.3 x 9.6 cm

Product Care:
Rinse in soapy water or use the top rack of the dishwasher